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Fire Cider and the benefits, here you go:


• Let’s take a look at the ingredients and see why they are so beneficial:

• Ginger root – Ginger contains gingerol, an antibacterial compound that promotes body warmth, helping to fight off cold symptoms.

• Horseradish root – Horseradish strongly stimulates the digestion, increasing gastric secretions and appetite. It can be of use in both respiratory and urinary tract infections. Horseradish is a natural expectorant with natural antibacterial properties. It helps in easing throat and upper respiratory tract infections. Has been used to fight cancer naturally.

• Jalapeño peppers – Useful for increasing circulation and to get mucus flowing. Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and anti-irritant. It is used as a digestive aid to stimulates gastric juices.

• Garlic – Boosts the immune function and opens pores of the skin to lower a fever. This herb’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make it useful in treating bladder and kidney infections, yeast infections, strep throats and ear infections.

• Onion – Another cancer fighter, onion’s compound quercetin is a natural disease fighter.

• Lemon – The levels of vitamin C found in the juice and peel are extremely effective against bacterial infections! Lemons act as a great potentiator in this cider recipe.

• Rosemary Sprigs – This piney plant alleviates muscle pain, boosts the immune system, and relieves cough while you’re sick.

• Turmeric – Turmeric increases the antioxidant capacity in your body. This means that all of the new antioxidants in this cider will have a home to live and work in!

• Black peppercorns – Greatly boosts absorption of turmeric.

• Apple Cider Vinegar – (Use organic) ACV kills multiple types of bacteria. When used in conjunction with the other herbs of this recipe, it becomes a powerhouse of health.

• Local Raw Honey – Before becoming sick, local, raw honey helps your body fight off local infections and allergens. After becoming ill, it suppresses coughs and continues fighting off bacteria.

Medical Disclaimer: I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, and love using the natural medicine God gave to help facilitate healing in others. I am a mother. I do seek scientific confirmation of the safety and effectiveness of the herbs and remedies I use. Using remedies is a personal decision. Nothing I say on this blog is intended to treat or prevent disease. Consult your own doctor.

Fire Cider

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