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About Us

Michelle Brown

HPP (Holistic Health Practitioner)

CPT (Certified Phlebotomist)
CHt (Certified Hypnosis Therapist)

PLRT (Past Life Regression Therapist)


Michelle Brown has lived in Arkansas most of her life. She is a single mother to a son who is now in the Marines. Michelle took the normal route young in life and obtained her business degree after high school. It was not until years later a health scare sent her down another path. Refusing to accept what she was being told by conventional doctors, Michelle chose to research and find alternative methods that could help her body heal. Since then, Michelle has received several alternative therapy certifications as well a degree in Holistic Nutrition and Medicine. Michelle’s mission is to help others that are looking for non-traditional method to enhance spiritual, mental, and physical health using the resources given to us naturally, the way it was intended.

Michelle has received the following degree and certifications:

      • B.A in Business Management from the University of Central Arkansas

      • Holistic Health Practitioner, (HPP)American College of Healthcare Sciences

      • Certified Phlebotomy Technician, (CPT) National Phlebotomy Association

      • Body Code/Emotion Code Practitioner

      • Certified Aromatherapist, American College of Healthcare Sciences

      • Certified Herbalist, American College of Healthcare Sciences

  • Using all these tools and her love for animals, Michelle also works with horses and dogs, and will be expanding that well. She has received several animal certifications. Her life's passion is to help as many people and animals as she can, using the tools provided by God, to help them heal themselves as was intended.

Interested in learning more on animal therapy and nutrition, click the link below:

Empowering Holistic Health

Nutritional Assessment: Using a small hair sample a detailed evaluation will be conducted to assess the body for any imbalances or weaknesses. We will also discuss the clients’ daily habits with eating, exercise, and sleep. Then we will set goals that are attainable and realistic.

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